Cobot Robot Gripper RG2

Collaborative Robot Gripper RG2

RG2 On-Robot Gripper

OnRobot RG2 is an electrical industrial collaborative robot gripper that can handle a variation of different object sizes. Typically for pick and place applications. The gripping force as well as the gripping width can be preset to custom requirements.

The long stroke allows the gripper to handle a variety of object sizes. Adjusting the gripping force allows the gripper to handle both delicate and heavy object.

The standard fingers can be used with many different object. It is also possible to fit custom fingers, The Standard fingers can be used for many different workpieces. If custom fingers are required, they can be made to fit the gripper.

The installation complexity is minimal as the cable attaches directly onto any robot from Universal Robots with all configurations of the gripper is controlled from the Universal Robots software.

Two grippers can be interlinked which makes it possible to use two grippers individually using only to digital outputs from the robot.

Technical specifications

Total stroke (adjustable) 0 - 110 [mm]

Finger position resolution - 0,1 - [mm]

Repetition accuracy - 0,1 0,2 [mm]

Reversing backlash 0,2 0,4 0,6 [mm]

Gripping force (adjustable) 3 - 40 [N]

Gripping force accuracy ±0,05 ±1 ±2 [N]

Gripping speed* 55 110 184 [mm/s]

Gripping time** 0,04 0,07 0,11 [s]

Operating voltage*** 10 24 26 [V DC]

Power consumption 1,9 - 14,4 [W]

Maximum Current 25 - 600 [mA]

Ambient operating temperature 5 - 50 [°C]

Storage temperature 0 - 60 [°C]

Product weight - 0,65 - [kg]

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