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RB Series (Robotics Base)

The RB series is a robotics base system built by Reeco Automation. The RB system is a versatile, mobile solution for human-robot collaborative assembly.

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UR Stand

The UR Stand is a single extrude base. This stand can be made to the specific requirements of the customer. The height of the stand can be changed and there is also an option of lockable wheels.

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Cobolt (Collaborative Robot Bolt Feeder)

The Cobolt has been manufactured to replace bowl feeders and stepper feeders. The Cobolt, utilises the cobots downtime when new parts are being delivered to the cobot. The collaborative robot system becomes self-sufficient by being able to present it’s own bolts. The Cobolt system is fully adjustable for different size bolts as per the customers requirements.


TX20 Pouch Placing Collaborative Robot

The TX20 has been produced for high speed pouch placing application and designed to replace operators placing pouches on filling lines. The implementation of this cobot subsequently allows operators to carry out additional tasks.


OptoForce 6 axis Force Sensor

The OptoForce Torque Sensor along with the OptoForce Move application fine tunes the cobot's protective stop function, so even the smallest counterforces - that are smaller than 10N - can be perceived.

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Kuka Robot

The Kuka iiwa (pictured) is the first mass-sensitive robot intelligent industrial work assistant.


Universal Robot

The lightweight, flexible and collaborative industrial robots from Universal Robots lets you automate repetitive and dangerous tasks with ease.

Yumi collaborative robot

YuMi Robot

ABB collaborative, dual arm, small parts assembly robot solution that includes flexible hands, parts feeding systems, camera-based part location and state-of-the-art robot control.

Collaborative Robot Gripper RG2

RG2 Gripper

The RG2 is an electrical industrial robot gripper that can handle a variation of different object sizes. Typically for pick and place applications.

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