With over 15 years experience in the industrial robot sector, Reeco Automation was formed as a partner company to RMGroup as a supplier of Collaborative robots. The new generation of robots allow operators and robot to work alongside each other without the need for safety fencing and expensive guarding all regulated to ISO 13849-1. Reeco Automation offers the customer a solution of integrating collaborative robots with their existing factory equipment and employees.

The robots have a guaranteed proven payback within 12 months, Reeco Automation welcomes you to contact and discuss how robot automation can change your business.

Where we started

Collaborative robots were introduced four years ago and were designed specifically to work alongside a co worker where an industrial robot is not suitable.


Company founder Llewelyn Rees has over 15 years experience in supplying and commissioning industrial robots into the packaging industry, and as managing Director was key to the growth of RMGroup.

Bespoke Automation

Reeco provides customers the solution when integrating with existing equipment. This could involve supplying the robot with accessories such as bespoke tooling, conveyors, and special build robot bases.

Here at Reeco we invite the customer to give us the challenge of automating there system. Our experienced team of designers and engineers enjoy the challenge of designing new innovative machinery and equipment.



We strive to excel in every service we provide, adding value for our customers wherever possible, through our extensive knowledge in the collaborative robotics industry.

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