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At Reeco Automation we supply customers with solutions in automating systems using Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC/Cobots). We focus on providing the customer with an automated solution that will ultimately save them money and reduce production costs. We offer the customer a solution of integrating collaborative robots with their existing factory equipment and employees. We welcome you to make contact and discuss how robot automation can change your business.


We have a team built of engineers with a wealth of experience in supplying and commissioning robotics into multiple industries.

What is a Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC)? 

A Human-Robot Collaboration is a term used to describe any robot working in collaboration with a human, as a co-worker. The phrase 'Cobot' is shortened from Collaborative Robot. The new generation of HRC Cobots allow operators and robots to work together in perfect harmony, without the need for safety fencing and expensive guarding. We can configure collaborative systems to ISO 10218-2:2011 and ISO/TS 150:66 technical standards, which are the ISO safety standard for collaborative robots.

Bespoke Automation

Reeco provides customers with the solution when integrating with their existing equipment. This could involve supplying the robot with accessories such as bespoke tooling, conveyors and special build robot bases.

Here at Reeco, we invite the customer to give us the challenge of automating their system. Our experienced team of designers and engineers enjoy the challenge of designing new innovative machinery and equipment.


Please find below a interactive version of our brochure. If you would like a physical copy please contact us.

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