Kuka IIWA Robot

Kuka IIwa Robot

Kuka IIWA Cobot

The Kuka IIwa Robot is the first mass-sensitive and MRK capable robot. LBR stands for "light construction robots" iiwa for "intelligent industrial work assistant". This is the beginning of a new era in industrial, sensitive robotics the cornerstone for new, future-proof production processes.

For the first time, humans and robots can solve highly sensitive tasks in close collaboration. This creates new areas of work, the way is free for more efficiency and maximum efficiency.

The collaborative and sensitive robot LBR iiwa is available in two versions with load capacities of 7 and 14 kilograms.

Thanks to its joint torque sensors, the LBR iiwa can detect contact immediately and reduces its level of force and speed instantly. Its position and compliance control enables it to handle delicate components without creating crushing and shearing hazards.

With its high-performance servo control the Kuka IIwa Robot is able to detect contours quickly under force control. It establishes the correct installation position and mounts components quickly and with the utmost precision with an axis-specific torque accuracy of ±2% of the maximum torque. The LBR iiwa can also find small, delicate components in next to no time without your assistance.

Technical specifications

Loads Payload 7 kg

Working envelope Max. reach 800 mm

Number of axes 7

Repeatability ± 0,1 mm

Weight 23,9 kg

Mounting positions Floor, ceiling, wall

Controller KUKA Sunrise Cabinet

Protection class IP 54

Kuka IIwa Robot
Kuka IIwa Robot

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