TX20 – High speed Pouch Placing Collaborative Robot

Reeco Automation Ltd have launched a new video of the TX20 collaborative robot in action. 

The TX20 has been produced for high speed pouch placing application and designed to replace operators placing pouches on filling lines. The implementation of this cobot subsequently allows operators to carry out additional tasks.

There are 2 versions in the TX20 range:

The TX20 Single arm version accommodates the heavier pouches with a maximum payload of 5kg and a maximum cycle of 8 pouches placed per minute.

The TX20 Dual version accommodates pouches up to 3 kg and a maximum application speed of 20 pouches placed per minute.

TX20 - Pouch Placing Collaborative Robot

TX20 - Pouch Placing Collaborative Robot

One of the key features of the TX range is the ability to change from one pouch size to another, in a very short time. The TX20 is specifically designed to accommodate different sizes of pouches and changeovers are completed in less than a minute. This rapid changeover is thanks to the technology behind the cobot; which is able to adjust it's setting with a simple programme selection. Conventional sack or pouch placers rely on adjustment of mechanical parts during a changeover, this can take up to an hour of an Operator's time.

Contact us to find out more about the TX range: http://reeco.co.uk/contact/


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