Our Team

Llewelyn Rees - Managing Director

Llewelyn Rees 

Managing Director 

With over fifteen years’ experience in the robotic automation industry, Llewelyn leads the Reeco team in providing our customers with the best possible solutions. Llewelyn utilises his extensive knowledge of the industry daily and continues to grow and support Reeco’s portfolio of clients. He provides education on the collaborative robotic industry and demonstrates this through his tailor-made presentations. In addition to working with customers, Llewelyn is also working with universities and colleges to assist in the development of the next generation of engineers. 

07852 355187 ✉ lel.rees@reeco.co.uk

Jessica Laura Watts

Jessica Watts

Sales and Marketing Manager 

With many years’ experience working in a diverse range of industries, Jessica manages the sales and marketing departments and the daily running of Reeco’s office. She is working to grow and develop Reeco’s brand awareness and educate potential customers on robotic solutions. Jessica is a key member of the team, and a great person to speak to initially to provide you with information about our services. 

01686 688 833 ✉ jessica.watts@reeco.co.uk

Simon Brown - Project Manager

Simon Brown

Design Engineer 

With excellent design and CAD skills, Simon leads Reeco’s manufacturing department. Often customers require bespoke solutions, Simon utilities his expansive knowledge and works closely with customers to manufacture and build the projects to meet their requirements. 

✆ 01686 688 833 ✉ simon.brown@reeco.co.uk

Rob Francis - Project Leader V2

Rob Francis 

Project Leader 

With over seventeen years’ experience in installing robotic solutions, Rob has worked on projects from initial start through to build, sign off, installation and commission. He works closely with customers adhering to health and safety policies and customers’ schedules. 

✆ 01686 688 833 ✉ rob.francis@reeco.co.uk

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