Reeco integrates first cobot at a leading automotive manufacturer in the UK.

Our Welsh company has successfully integrated a collaborative robot at a leading automotive manufacturer in the UK.

Reeco Automation worked with the automotive giant to introduce the so called cobot, nicknamed ‘Rita’, on to the production line at their factory.


Llewelyn Rees, Reeco’s Managing Director, said: “There are a number of time consuming, repetitive tasks involved in the car manufacturing process that are ideal for cobots.

“In the case of this manufacturer, they could see the cost, time and safety benefits of integrating a cobot to take on the process of riveting, freeing up employees to work on more complicated tasks.”

Reeco is an official system partner of KUKA, which supplied the cobot for the project. It is also a partner of GESIPA, which supplies the handheld tools which are adapted to fit the cobots.

The global market for cobots is expected to grow by more than 40 per cent in each of the next five years and be worth over £3billion by 2020.

Reeco, based in the Mid Wales village of Caersws, is the UK’s leading integrator of cobots.

Cobots are designed not to replace the work of humans, but instead to complement and help to transform the speed of production, efficiency and safety.

The new generation of robots allow operators and robot to work together without the need for safety fencing and expensive guarding.

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