Reeco launches RB series

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The RB series is a robotics base system built by Reeco Automation. The RB system is a versatile, mobile solution for human-robot collaborative assembly.

The system has been designed to allow it to be brought to the site of operation easily where it’s quickly ready for use. The robot base is produced to be compatible with most human-robot collaborative (HRC) applications. The system is easy to integrate and the location of the robot unit can be changed manually in a short time.

RB 750

The RB system is highly versatile and available in a wide variety of versions. The system is highly durable with an unlimited number of customisation options.

The table below relates to the RB 750 model, 750 stands for 750mm, the height of the robotic base. You can download a full copy of the spec sheet here: RB 750 Spec sheet

spec table

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