YuMi collaborative Robot


YuMi Collaborative Robot

YuMi is the world’ first truly collaborative robot, able to work side-by-side on the same tasks as humans while still ensuring the safety of those around it. Capable of handling anything from a watch to a tablet PC and with the level of accuracy that could thread a needle, YuMi will radically change the way we think about assembly automation.

ABB robotics YuMi Collaborative robot is the result of years of research and development, making collaboration between humans and robots a reality. The dual arm, small parts assembly robot solution includes flexible hands, parts feeding systems, camera-based part location and state-of-the-art robot control.

The dual arm robot has accurate vision, dexterous grippers, sensitive force control feedback, flexible software and built-in safety features that collectively allow for programming through teaching rather than coding.

YuMi is designed for a new era of automation, for small parts assembly, where people and robots work side-by-side on the same tasks. Safety is built into the functionality of the robot itself. YuMi removes the barriers to collaboration by making fencing and cages a thing of the past.

It is able to perform the motions required in Small Parts Assembly within a very small space while maintaining a human-like reach. This is critical to minimizing the footprint on the factory floor and also makes it possible to install YuMi into the work stations currently used only by humans.

For further information, and to register your interest in YuMi, please contact Reeco Automation.

Technical specifications

Reach 500 mm

Payload 500 g


0.5 kg picking cycle
25* 300 * 25 mm 0.86s
Max TCP Velocity 1.5 m/s
Max TCP Acceleration 11 m/s*s
Acceleration time 0-1m/s 0.12s

Axis 1 rotation -168.5° to 168. 5° 180°/s

Axis 2 arm -143.5° to 43.5° 180°/s

Axis 3 arm -123.5° to 80.0° 180°/s

Axis 4 wrist -290.0° to 290.0° 400°/s

Axis 5 bend -88.0° to 138.0° 400°/s

Axis 6 turn -229.0° to 229.0° 400°/s

Axis 7 rotation -168.5° to 168.5° 180°/s

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